Child Africa Jr. Schools

Child Africa Jr. Schools were built and developed by Child Africa Organisation under the leadership of the one Julie Solberg and Chairmanship of Rino Solberg among other leaders with full ability to work in a team to obtain the main goal.

Child Africa is a non-profit organization, since 1991 dedicated to help disadvantaged children in East Africa to enhance their lives through education. With support from sponsor parents we help hundreds of children in Uganda, Africa, with food, clothing, medicine, education and sometimes even homes.

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With support from sponsor parents around the world, we hope we will help many thousands of children in the years to come.

Child Africa Organisation has managed to build and manage three (3) schools, 2 of which are primary schools (Child Africa Jr. schools ( Equator and Kabale) and one secondary school. (Solberg College)

School Mission

To guide, encourage and inspire the children of Africa to become champions of integrity in order to eradicate poverty.

School Vision

To help millions of children get quality education and teach “Honesty and Integrity” as a tool to fight poverty and corruption.

School Motto

We make a difference

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is based on the Uganda Primary school curriculum and it features a strong emphasis on experiential education in all classes.

Our Spiritual Background

Child Africa Jr. Schools is inter-denominational, thus pupils worship the Almighty God according to their religious affiliations declared by their parents on admission. Prayers and worship is compulsory in school that is to say; Muslims attend Juma Prayers every Friday, while Christians follow suit on Sunday in their respective Churches between 10:00am and noon.

Child Africa Sch (Equator)    Child Africa Sch (Kabale)

Our Management Team

Child Africa Junior Schools were founded by Julie Solberg under the chairmanship of the one Rino Solberg and are with the help of respective Head Teachers, the schools are Amicably run and managed.

Rino Solberg

Chairman/Founder C.A Schools

Is a well-known Norwegian Inventor, Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Speaker and Author who has built businesses on 4 continents over 50 years, written and published 10 Books within the area of "Personal Development

Julie Solberg

Managing Director / Founder C.A. schools

Julie Solberg is a Happily Married lady. She is attouched to the one Mr. Rino Solberg , She is a business woman who has managed different companies in Africa over the years and is now at the helm of Child Africa charity organization in Uganda and Kenya

Mr. Augustine Muwanika

Head Teacher. C.A School (Kabaale)

Mr. Augustine Muwanika is the head teacher of Child Africa Junior school (Kabale). He is an experienced leader with over 10 years of work experience in providing the vision and leadership required to ensure high quality Education for Pupils.

Mr. Samuel

Head Teacher. C.A School (Equator)

Mr. Samuel is a confident individual, whose passion for head teaching is equally matched by his experience in it. He has been working as a head teacher for several years and has gained an in-depth understanding required safeguard young people



Social Studies


Physical Education

Honesty & Integrity

Craft works

Our Key Subjects

At Child Africa Jr. schools, we follow the national carriculum that is established and renounced by UNEB ( Uganda National Examiniation Board ). However, In Uganda, it is only at Child Africa Jr. Schools that Honesty and Integrity are taught besides Craft work. Honesty and Integrity is a course aimed at changing the mindset of Children against Corruption and Craft works is a subject that enables children discover their ability besides books.

Honesty and Integrity is taught through a movement called Bingwa. Bingwa is a movement that aims at fighting corruption by instilling NO CORRUPTION mindset in the young Generation so as to attain a corruption free tomorrow.

Read About Bingwa

Facts that Make us Unique

We are outstanding,competitive, God Fearing and Integrity oriented Team which makes us simply the best in the Ugandan Education and sports sector.

We are Champions Of Integrity

At Child Africa Jr. School, Integrity and honesty are the key structures instilled in our pupils inorder to excel with limited restrictions in the current state of the world. Through Integrity, Corruption can be stopped all across the world and it is a lead factor towards achieving our goals.

We are God Fearing

In whatever we do, God comes first in respect to whichever religious affiliation one falls.

We have Competitive Staff

Becoming the best and keeping it their is work that can only be achieved through Team work in a competitive enviroment. At Child Africa jr. Schools, we acknowledge the work of our staff through the spicious results.

Fully Accessible resources

We provide numerous study resources to aid the pupils in aquiring great grades in their examiniations. some of these resources include,Fully Stalked library, Laboratories as well as teaching material for the teachers.

Good Management

Working as a team under good management also helps up to stay on the top in the Education sector in Uganda

Great Teacher & Student Relationship

We dont instill fear in pupils but respect and friendship between the teachers and the pupils which intensifies the accessibility of a teacher at every time of need.